Abby Senior 2019 – Kansas Photographer – Senior Photographer

Abby I hope you have a super awesome senior year! Work hard, enjoy(but not too much 😉 ) and let your sweet spirit and silliness shine.


Finding Beauty from Ashes

Kansas has experienced quite a few wild fires this spring which as caused a lot of damage to crops as well as some lost buildings, bridges, etc.


But in the eerie pink smoke filled skies I chose to see blooms, budding, new beginnings, regrowth… Finding beauty from ashes…. Praying for the many families effected by the fires.


Finally!! Prints are Available to YOU!

After many, many, many, many, many (I could go on forever) hours of culling through numerous photos I have finally compiled a group of my favorite nature photos that are now available for purchase through my printing website.  This is over 3 years of work and I will continue to add more photos as the months go on. So for anyone interest in purchasing my prints here is the link below!

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