This past few years so much has changed, not only for my own personal journey but also around the world. A year ago I went to the eye doctor for a routine examination. Little did I know he would tell me I have early stages of macular degeneration. At the beginning it was an overwhelming thought of potentially loosing my sight some day. That was a hard thing to process. What I know is I can’t stop doing what I love and I can’t stop living life even if I DO go blind someday. The effects at this point are not even noticeable, it’s step 1 of 1000. I will continue to do preventative measures to prolong this potentially debilitating disease.

Rising from the Ashes

Along the way I began paint more and more to work through the emotions that came. It has been very therapeutic and freeing. About 3 years ago the Lord gave me this step by step plan to paint out my emotions, first thinking of joy, then the hardship, then transformation and finishing with growth(and a whole lot of scripture too!!). I’ve taught a few classes locally and was blessed to teach the 4 step process with some rehabilitation centers in Mexico this past summer. WOW, what an experience to see people process their emotions without saying a word and finding freedom. My goal over the next 5 years is to open a gallery/studio where I can teach these classes to anyone willing to come and also sell my own illustrations. I’ve been approached by a local business that will soon be selling some of my originals and prints. I’ve learned so much on the illustration side of business in such a short amount of time on sales, authenticity and reproduction. I’m grateful for my journey in this art world whether it is photographing, designing or illustrating. It’s truly a blessing to capture life and express emotion, and help others find freedom among this crazy world we live in.

I still plan to focus on individual photo sessions while adding this new element to my business.

Thank you for your love and support and check out the new illustration gallery page on the website.

N & R Wedding

An absolutely breath-taking exchange that I felt humbled to have captured. My favorite part about this wedding was it truly was focused on their union, no performance, just making a pact to do this thing called life together. Sometimes in this performance based world the ceremonies, the parties, and even the covenants with God can get consumed by details, bells and whistles and all the flash… and we forget WHY we are doing what we are doing. This was an amazing example of humbleness and love.

Let each of us remember ‘the why’ behind our choices. Let love reign. Thank you for the opportunity ❤ Blessings to you and yours.

Summer/Fall Seniors 2019 – Kansas Photographer – Senior Photographer

What a great season for senior photos! Here are a few from the past few months of the upcoming graduating class of 2019 from across the state of Kansas!!!

Abby Senior 2019 – Kansas Photographer – Senior Photographer

Abby I hope you have a super awesome senior year! Work hard, enjoy(but not too much 😉 ) and let your sweet spirit and silliness shine.



This past June I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to serve alongside the organization ManUp and Go( On this trip we experience life in Korah Ethiopia, Jinja Uganda, Palasa Uganda, among many other cities and villages along the way. I decided I would share my experience through imagery on this website. You can head over to my blog ( to get the “words” of my experience as well. I hope this blesses you and opens eyes to the amazing world we live in. This was a missions trip, and we were blessed to work alongside many missionaries, ministries, organizations and children’s homes.

My lessons from this trip: God is everywhere, in the broken, in the beauty. It was a privilege to be a vessel for God’s love and hope. Stepping out of your comfort zone IS a beautiful thing, big things happen when we step out in faith. I left a part of my heart in Africa. I hope you enjoy.