This past June I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to serve alongside the organization ManUp and Go( On this trip we experience life in Korah Ethiopia, Jinja Uganda, Palasa Uganda, among many other cities and villages along the way. I decided I would share my experience through imagery on this website. You can head over to my blog ( to get the “words” of my experience as well. I hope this blesses you and opens eyes to the amazing world we live in. This was a missions trip, and we were blessed to work alongside many missionaries, ministries, organizations and children’s homes.

My lessons from this trip: God is everywhere, in the broken, in the beauty. It was a privilege to be a vessel for God’s love and hope. Stepping out of your comfort zone IS a beautiful thing, big things happen when we step out in faith. I left a part of my heart in Africa. I hope you enjoy.



Bret Baier Book Signing in Abilene

Our little town of 6000+ had quite a draw this past month when Bret Baier came to speak about his newly published book, Three Days in January: Dwight Eisenhower’s Final Mission.  

There is certainly a stigma about famous people in our society and I was pleasantly surprised with how wonderful and kind Bret and his family were. They are people just like you and me, although they may spend a lot more time in front of a camera.  Abilene was truly blessed to have them all come and spend a little time at Eisenhower’s home town.  Bret spoke about his passion for Eisenhower, and Abilene has been blessed by his work and passion for sharing a part of Eisenhower’s history. 

Thank you for allowing me capture this special event for our community.

Sunrise or Sunset, Can you tell?

Just a few shots I’ve taken so far this year of either sunrises or sunsets. Can you tell a difference?  Please message me if you would like to purchase any of these photos at any size.  Thank You!  All images are copyright protected.