I shouldn’t be surprised that I’ve been lead down this path. For as far back as I can remember I’ve wanted to be an illustrator. It was my passion in high school and college, in fact I recall my professor at KSU telling me, “Emily you should be an illustrator you’re way better at it that graphic design.” That comment stung a bit, but he was speaking truth, for that I’m grateful. One of the main reasons I DIDN’T go that direct route was out of fear of “not making it.” It’s really not about “making it” at this point. What I know is my art over the years has transitioned from performance to expression. I no longer try to appease the crowd, instead I express what is in my heart and let my work speak for itself. Each image has it’s own story, click on the images below to read more on “The Story Behind the Art”. Thank you for visiting. Blessings.

Emily Barnes Illustrations – Acrylic on Canvas

Original artwork and digital duplications(numbered, signed and certified) are available by contacting the artist directly. Contact information is on the Contact Info Page.

Prints are available for purchase online in a variety of sizes and production options: PURCHASE PRINTS ONLINE (Prints purchased online will not be numbered or certified)

All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

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