Story behind the art.
Losing Control:
In 2022 I had a very scary experience when my Jeep hit a patch of ice on a bridge on I-70 while going 70mph. I completely lost control and at one point was going backwards, did a 360 and somehow came to a stop on the side of the road. The roads looked clear; everyone was going normal speed.
Blessing 1. No cars around
Blessing 2. It didn’t roll
Blessing 3. I didn’t go off the bridge or hit anything.
Blessing 4. Not a dent, not a scratch on me or my vehicle.

So, I thought about losing control, trying to control something you can’t… it feels like trying to control a tornado… not possible, this is my rendition of what I went through. God is good, even when it sometimes feels all is lost and out of control. Control is consuming… May we learn to praise Him in the storm and trust Him.

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