Story behind the art.
For me, I hold onto burdens too tight, feeling that gigantic weight is my responsibility, all the while if I’d just give them to the Lord He would take them. I give little bits, of this and that when He could take the whole thing and I’d be free of the weight and walk out of this place of dread, worry, overwhelmed and chaos and trust Him. That’s the problem… We lack trust…. We doubt, we don’t believe He is good when things are hard…. He is… He is… exercise your trust muscle and surrender your burdens, over and over and over.

The image I painted came to me after journaling and praying for some close friends and families that have hard things going on in their world, I just felt God was trying to show me His power over our big, gigantic hard things. He’s got it! We must trust… one second, one minute, one moment at a time. Blessings.

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