Finally!! Prints are Available to YOU!

After many, many, many, many, many (I could go on forever) hours of culling through numerous photos I have finally compiled a group of my favorite nature photos that are now available for purchase through my printing website.  This is over 3 years of work and I will continue to add more photos as the months go on. So for anyone interest in purchasing my prints here is the link below!

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The Neff Family

The Konza Prairie was an amazing back drop for this family session.  I was blessed to take their pictures this year as I did also about 5 years ago.  Amazing how much children change in 5 years!  This family was so much fun to work and I’m thankful they gave me this opportunity 🙂

Harvest time

What a neat experience! I’ve never been part of harvest even though I’ve lived in Kansas my whole life.  So thankful these people let me experience the joy, pride and hard work they put in for all of us.  Wishing you all the best and hopefully we can do this again!