Finally!! Prints are Available to YOU!

After many, many, many, many, many (I could go on forever) hours of culling through numerous photos I have finally compiled a group of my favorite nature photos that are now available for purchase through my printing website.  This is over 3 years of work and I will continue to add more photos as the months go on. So for anyone interest in purchasing my prints here is the link below!

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Making the Best Out of an Icy Situation

As we watched the rain come down and the ice form, the trees started to sag and branches began to snap. We woke up to cable lines down and later electricity was gone.

The hunt was on to find the beauty in this Kansas ice storm. My daughter and I explored the backyard and found these beautiful sculptures God had made with ice. We broke many but had good luck with a few. What a beautiful thing to see.


These are a few more “cool” photos from the weekend as well.





Meet the West Family

Lots of energy in this group! Loved their fun spirits and I certainly enjoyed capturing their smiles, silliness and laughs 🙂 Thank you for letting me capture your sweet families moments 🙂