Mariah Senior 2018 – Kansas Photographer – Senior Photographer

I try not to get on a soapbox much on my photography page as I have a blog for that, yet what I do want to say is these images represent something so simple yet so hard to find anymore for our young adults. Life is stressful for these kids, growing up today in this crazy media world is much more complicated that we realize. To me these images represent inner freedom, forgetting the junk, the news, the hard stuff, the mean people, the rumors, the big decisions that come with that senior year and just being free in the moment.

I believe many of us should take time to have these free moments, unplugged, just pure joy and laughter… anyway… off soapbox ūüôā Enjoy Miss Mariah, as she is representing a freedom we all need more of.


Cook Family – Kansas Photographer – Family Photographer

Sometimes the weather does NOT cooperate with photo-day. I am thankful to Brown’s Memorial Home( for allowing us to step inside and do some of the session on the porch and inside the home. I’m also grateful you cannot tell this is a cold and rainy day! ūüôā

I am so blessed to know these people. Mrs. Cook is part of the reason I recently went to The Eagle’s Nest orphanage ( in Guatemala through an organization called the Orphan Door ( I am forever grateful that God opened a door for me to be a part of the Medical missions team, and she was the messenger. Thank you. If it wasn’t for this family, and their willingness to allow God to use them, we wouldn’t have been introduced to the life changing experiences of international missions. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration.

I have no idea what is next for you all, but I have a feeling it will be amazing. Though we live in a fallen and broken world, the Lord is present everywhere, His light shines through… if we just look for it!

Thank you for the opportunity to capture your family. You all are amazing people and I am honored to know you, even if it’s a little bit.



My Family – Kansas Photographer – Family Photographer

In the grand scheme of life, the one thing we hold nearest and dearest to us is our family. No matter the age, the size, the color, the sex, the job, the birth order, the differences in opinions, the blood line… none of it matters…. There is no separation in family, there are¬†no LABELS in family. I am beyond blessed with such great people to do life with and I was honored to take our own family photos. I love you all dearly.

Blessings ‚̧

A Very Merry Christmas to You! – Nature Photographer – Kansas Photographer – Family Photographer

A¬†quick post this Christmas day to share just a few¬†blessings from above on this wonderful day. God speaks in Nature ‚̧

This was the first Christmas I can recall in my 41 years in Kansas that thunderstorm watches were in effect and the temps were in the 50s. Though the wind blew and the rain came, at the end of the day, God shone through.

These photos were taken about 30 minutes before sunset. I had been inside all day, enjoying time with my family, opening gifts, playing ping pong, my hubby cooked an air fry turkey(you have to try it! AMAZING!) and just chillin’ with the fam…. I felt the need to get with nature late in the afternoon and took off in my pj’s, yes, I was in my pj’s ALL DAY… LOL. That’s just how we roll on a relaxing day at home on Christmas…. I digress…

Within 15 minutes of leaving the house the skies changed, drastically. It was absolutely breathtaking. What a blessing, truly a gift from God. If you notice the barn photo, the shadow casting on the barn is a cross, it lined up perfect, it was from a telephone pole from behind me, something that usually annoys me in my nature photos, not this time, definitely felt it was meant to be seen and left.


Anyway, enjoy and be blessed by God’s beauty. ‚̧

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your family and friends.


The Barnes Family (Yep I took our own family photo ūüôā Tripod and remote clicker! ‚̧ )


Colorado! – Nature Photographer – Kansas Photographer

This fall our family decided to head for the mountains. The 7+ hour drive¬†from central Kansas can be a bit boring going¬†though western Kansas and Eastern Colorado… can we say F L A T? lol. This was our families first trip to Colorado together. My husband and our youngest had never been. We absolutely loved it and the trip was definitely worth it! The adventure hikes at Twin Lakes and up to Beaver Lake, the smell of spruce, the crystal clear waters of the Eagle River and the fresh mountain air are something I will soon not forget. Even though we were visiting at the weird¬†in between seasons,¬†where the leaves had almost all fallen and the snow had not done much of anything yet, it was still absolutely breath taking.

These are a few of the images I took on the trip to capture Colorado. Most of our time was spent around, Beaver Creek, Avon, Vail, Twin Lakes and Glenwood Springs.

I can’t wait to go back!! Enjoy!

T & K Wedding – Kansas Photographer – Wedding Photographer

Meet Thomas and Katelyn. These two, down to earth country loving people, are just about the sweetest couple I’ve ever met. Family is through and through with these two, they both have younger siblings they love too pieces and the closeness of the whole family was beyond evident. Just a few things that accented the day were, boots, shotgun shells, burlap, antlers and my favorite… laughter. It was a beautiful day for an intimate quaint wedding on a hillside in central Kansas. The love between these two was gleaming(see his first look below!)¬†and a little side order of sass showed up too(Bride and groomsman shot!). Thomas and Katelyn, I wish you many many years of love, laughter and sassiness. You two truly are so very wonderful.


Style Session – Katie Senior 2017 – Kansas Photographer

This young lady is absolutely stunning. I had a very difficult time even narrowing her images down. There were so many beautiful shots. Katie’s light shines through her eyes. She is a caring and passionate person. Her sister and boyfriend joined her for a few shots as well and we all had a great time exploring the beautiful Brown’s Park. I appreciated Katie’s willingness to try different poses and expressions, she worked so well with all instruction and nailed numerous shots. Katie, you are a beautiful person inside and out. I wish you the best this year and beyond. Thank you for trusting me with this great milestone in your life.


Cows? – Nature Photographer – Kansas Photographer

Of the many subjects I have photographed, cows are a relatively new subject. Not that I didn’t grow up on a farm¬†feed them and water them or that I’ve lived in Kansas my whole life and see them everyday, but to photograph them, I just haven’t. A few weekends ago my husband and I went¬†out to the Flint hills as my in-laws have land out there and we like to go hunting and explore the beauty of the land. After our morning hunt we decided to head out and visit grandpa and grandma’s cows. As they followed us, in hopes for us to throw them some apples or pears, they were¬†like little ducks behind their momma as we road around in the jeep. These are just a few of my favorite photos of the herd checking us out as we explored in their roaming field. ¬†Such a beautiful morning and so thankful we decided to explore the land. Enjoy! MOOOO


A Photographer’s Dream

Everyone of us has something that rejuvenates and awakens our spirit, mine is nature. I remember staking out sunsets as a kid. I remember looking at flowers and butterflies with my mom. I remember bird watching with dad.

I love nature. Traveling¬†to other parts of the country and the world have always been a dream of mine.¬†As you can imagine my husband knows my love for nature and photography. For my 40th birthday we¬†took a trip to Kauai, Hawaii! Thank you honey! ‚̧

Below are some thoughts and photos from this amazing blessed experience that I will never forget. I hope you enjoy! God Bless!

Thoughts of majestic beauty and an overwhelming realization that we are so tiny in this big big world.  A whale looks like an ant from 35,000 feet.  I look over the horizon at sunset, from the plane flying over the Pacific ocean and I see a rainbow of colors putting the sun to rest for the night. I think of this amazing God who created all this and I am humbled. As the sun rose the next morning to greet us in Princeville, Hawaii, I was about put to my knees.  Tears flowed freely as I rotated 360 degrees to view all that was around me. Every corner, every curve, every flower, bird, cloud, mountain and ocean wave was perfect.

It had to be the closest thing to heaven I’ve ever seen.

Not one photo I took could truly give you the experience.  This island, this place is special.

On day 2 we hiked up and down the mountain side on Napali Coast close to Hanalei. It was a difficult hike but so worth it!  The view was breathtaking.

I have rambled long enough so I present you with a small collection from my very large collection of memories from Kauai, Hawaii.

One of the most surprising things on this island was the chickens, yes chickens. They were not pets or farm animals, they were wild birds just like any other wild bird!

If I had to pick one photo from the 1700+ pictures I took, it would have to be the stars over Princeville Beach. The stars were amazing, as was everything.


I hope this fines you well. Thank you for taking time to check out my Picts ūüôā