Stacked Up Snowflakes!

I realize I am WAY behind on posting, but this actually was such a strange random day to get snow. It was last month and it randomly snowed these HUGE flakes and then 30 minutes later they were gone. So pretty. Excited I was able to capture them and the sunshine just barely grazing them. I’ve never seen stacks like this before. Enjoy


Braving the Cold

What an absolutely beautiful day for a photo shoot, NO I’M NOT KIDDING!  I know, it seems crazy to run out in 20 degree weather for pictures, but the air is crisp and the brilliant white is a beautiful contrasting background. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to get to know the young people in our community. Taylor, Colten (who came to help and by the way did a fantastic job and also jumped in a few shots with his big sis) and a sweet little puppy started my snow session week out and what a great time we had, even though it was pretty cold!! Thank you so much for letting me capture your life moments and enjoy some laughs with you! Well I’ve rambled enough, as you can see Miss Taylor knocked this session out of the park! Gorgeous! Enjoy!

Let it SNOW…. Please!!

I’ve been eagerly awaiting snow this winter as I have some clients holding out for the “Snow Session” experience. Well I am grateful that it finally came last night! First thing this morning I took my girls out to do some practice shots before the rest of the Snow Sessions quickly approach. Enjoy 🙂 Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!