High School Football – Kansas Photographer

Small town Friday night lights is something that everyone should experience. Abilene is definitely known for a great student section, fans, band, cheerleaders and athletes and staff. This was Abilene’s first home game in which they won 14-12. Some amazing plays, hits and oh the skies!! The clouds were amazing! Enjoy and good luck this year Cowboys!



For those of you that don’t know I am a HUGE softball and baseball fan.  Most kids have a passion about something, whether it’s Art, Band, Football, etc…. mine was softball and watching the Royals play with my grandfather growing up.  So you can image how elated I was to be asked to do a baseball photo session, 2 of my passions squeezed into one moment! Blessed! Don’t these guys look fierce?! Good luck Outlaws and Bandits!

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Friday Night Lights, Senior Night: Small Town USA

When I was asked to capture Senior Night at our home football game I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. My children haven’t played football in high school so it truly was foreign to me. What I discovered was this coach, the staff, this team, these kids, the fans, the student section, the band, the cheerleaders and dancers create such a fantastic atmosphere for these kids to play in and for spectators to watch.  Our boys came out on top winning big that night, Cowboys vs. Indians…. which made me giggle a little… It’s small town USA and these boys know how to play, not just physically, but with heart. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to capture these.