Joy Session – Siblings – Kansas Photographer

A fun sibling session before big brother went off to college. As much as these kiddos can get on each other’s nerves, they do truly love each other. We laughed a lot, were extremely goofy and had a beautiful sunset for some great silhouette shots, AND lots of hugs and kisses too!! Good luck in school this year to all of you! ❤

Style Session – Kansas Flint Hills – Kansas Photographers

I will be partial to this post as this is my daughter. Adventurer at heart and laughter is a must, she is brilliant and she is beautiful.  We frequently travel to the Flint Hills as we have family within 5 miles of this spot. I’ve never taken photos up here other than nature photography, but this weekend, we made it happen. As we were down at the family farm visiting grandpa and grandma, I told Abby to throw in a dress and we’d just see what happens and if we can make time for it. I’m so glad we did. One of my biggest challenges as a photographer has been transitioning from nature photography to people photography and how do I blend them well. How do I make the land look beautiful and the person look beautiful. It’s a balance as one cannot overtake the other. She’s just beautiful and this place, well you can see. Blessings.

Senior Session 2017 – Wamego – Kansas Photographers

It was a normal hot Kansas summer day, but regardless of the heat we got some great shots in. Caleb is finishing his last year at Wamego High and he loves running XC and he also loves to laugh. Serious is not his forte, which I completely understand 🙂 Life is too short! Enjoy laughter <3. Caleb I hope you have a fantastic senior year and good luck!! Love that smile!

Senior Sessions 2017 – Ironwoods Park Leawood – Kansas Photographers

My first trip out to Leawood, KS and what a beautiful area!  This past Saturday I met up with 4 Blue Valley HS Seniors for a full day of photos. Although all photos where taken at the same park my challenge was to make each persons session individual for them. Many times we can go to the same park over and over and the challenge is to try to see something new. Ironwoods Park is gorgeous and I highly recommend it to anyone just to visit and take a walk, let alone have a photo shoot there.

These girls rocked out their sessions and we had an amazing time. We talked about their future plans and the excitement of their senior year. Girls, thank you for allowing me to spend the day with you and capture this milestone in your lives. Have a fantastic senior year and good luck beyond!!








Liby Family – Graduation Session

What a wonderful family! Definitely the largest group I’ve had so far and we certainly had a great time 🙂 Congratulations Colten and good luck next year!! Thank you for allowing me to capture your family on this special day!

Life after High School

This is such a special session for me….. This is my oldest child who has this past year transitioned into the world away from home and is off at college. Brendan has been “dealing” with mom’s love of photography for many many years and he happens to be one of the first test subject I had and continues to be such a great help in this world of learning photography for me. I am blessed, I am grateful. Love You!

Addie Senior 2016!

We had a blast! Addie is so much fun to work with. It is very evident that her family and friends mean the world to her. Love her heart! She wasn’t afraid to experiment with different places and shots either which makes the process so much fun! Thank you Addie and good luck the rest of this year and beyond! Congrats!

Jason 2016 Senior Session Take 2

This past summer I met Jason and his family on their farm to do Jason’s first senior session. Over the course of his senior year Jason has changed a fair amount and hardly looks like the same young man I saw 8 months ago. In this session you can see what Jason loves and that is to hunt! We incorporated some life shots of him and his brother setting up for duck/geese hunting and captured some pretty awesome bow shots.  Jason, good luck the rest of this year and beyond! Keep working hard!

Braving the Cold

What an absolutely beautiful day for a photo shoot, NO I’M NOT KIDDING!  I know, it seems crazy to run out in 20 degree weather for pictures, but the air is crisp and the brilliant white is a beautiful contrasting background. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to get to know the young people in our community. Taylor, Colten (who came to help and by the way did a fantastic job and also jumped in a few shots with his big sis) and a sweet little puppy started my snow session week out and what a great time we had, even though it was pretty cold!! Thank you so much for letting me capture your life moments and enjoy some laughs with you! Well I’ve rambled enough, as you can see Miss Taylor knocked this session out of the park! Gorgeous! Enjoy!