18 Years Later.

18 years ago today I said “I do”. In celebration of the joy, love and strength that has been restored within me, and the love you’ve shown me through this amazing journey of marriage, I dedicate this to you, the Lord new exactly what kind of partner I needed. This 18 year old dress might not fit as well, it might be stained and torn a bit… nonetheless… it’s a celebration of a moment that changed my life forever for the better.
To my husband(Bill Barnes): You are an amazing blessing that I’ve been given, without you so much of my life would have never been restored… The Lord has blessed us. Thank you for being my support and partner in this life. I’ve enjoyed aging with you, growing in love, relationship and wisdom… you always make me feel loved and beautiful.
I love you always…
Sincerely, Your Bride
Photo credits to our amazingly talented daughter Abby Barnes.

Voigts Family Session – Kansas Photographer – Family Photographer

I always enjoy the opportunity to capture some of my own family. It was a windy day out at the Ottawa/Baldwin area. We had such a beautiful backdrop at the family’s home though. Regardless of the crazy Kansas weather we got some shots in before the storms came. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Voigts on your Anniversary.


Happy 50th Anniversary!!

These two hold a special place in my heart. Though I do not know them well I know they were close to my dad and are still close to my mother. Their love is something many never experience, they love deeply… through good times and bad, through love and loss, through long distance and letters, their love is something out of a story book. I am blessed to document their celebrated anniversary and after spending a few short hours with them I know why my parents love them so. Alan was a very close friend to my dad and I hadn’t seen him since my dad passed away 13 years ago. The first thing he said to me was, “I see your dad in you!” My heart melted, it means so much. So I gathered my composer and set out to capture there moments and celebrate their 50 years of marriage. Alan and Ellen, you are wonderful people and I am blessed to know you. I pray you have a wonderful and safe trip to Hawaii! Enjoy. ❤

Anniversary Session! 16 years later…

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time!

Yes, I put my 16 year old stained wedding dress on and took my own pictures with my earned wrinkles and no shoes.  No, the back is not zipped up all the way because I most likely will never get out of it. Yes I had loads of fun and thank you honey for the beautiful flowers today for our anniversary! 🙂 (Inspired by a blog post from a wife/mom who wears her dress every anniversary, whether it fits or not and thinks about that great day of unity.) Hope you enjoy.