Happy 50th Anniversary!!

These two hold a special place in my heart. Though I do not know them well I know they were close to my dad and are still close to my mother. Their love is something many never experience, they love deeply… through good times and bad, through love and loss, through long distance and letters, their love is something out of a story book. I am blessed to document their celebrated anniversary and after spending a few short hours with them I know why my parents love them so. Alan was a very close friend to my dad and I hadn’t seen him since my dad passed away 13 years ago. The first thing he said to me was, “I see your dad in you!” My heart melted, it means so much. So I gathered my composer and set out to capture there moments and celebrate their 50 years of marriage. Alan and Ellen, you are wonderful people and I am blessed to know you. I pray you have a wonderful and safe trip to Hawaii! Enjoy. ❤