A Photographer’s Dream

Everyone of us has something that rejuvenates and awakens our spirit, mine is nature. I remember staking out sunsets as a kid. I remember looking at flowers and butterflies with my mom. I remember bird watching with dad.

I love nature. Traveling to other parts of the country and the world have always been a dream of mine. As you can imagine my husband knows my love for nature and photography. For my 40th birthday we took a trip to Kauai, Hawaii! Thank you honey! ❤

Below are some thoughts and photos from this amazing blessed experience that I will never forget. I hope you enjoy! God Bless!

Thoughts of majestic beauty and an overwhelming realization that we are so tiny in this big big world.  A whale looks like an ant from 35,000 feet.  I look over the horizon at sunset, from the plane flying over the Pacific ocean and I see a rainbow of colors putting the sun to rest for the night. I think of this amazing God who created all this and I am humbled. As the sun rose the next morning to greet us in Princeville, Hawaii, I was about put to my knees.  Tears flowed freely as I rotated 360 degrees to view all that was around me. Every corner, every curve, every flower, bird, cloud, mountain and ocean wave was perfect.

It had to be the closest thing to heaven I’ve ever seen.

Not one photo I took could truly give you the experience.  This island, this place is special.

On day 2 we hiked up and down the mountain side on Napali Coast close to Hanalei. It was a difficult hike but so worth it!  The view was breathtaking.

I have rambled long enough so I present you with a small collection from my very large collection of memories from Kauai, Hawaii.

One of the most surprising things on this island was the chickens, yes chickens. They were not pets or farm animals, they were wild birds just like any other wild bird!

If I had to pick one photo from the 1700+ pictures I took, it would have to be the stars over Princeville Beach. The stars were amazing, as was everything.


I hope this fines you well. Thank you for taking time to check out my Picts 🙂